V2 Cigs

  1. August 3, 2018 6:35 pm

In the US most of the Electronic Cigarettes Brands are just marketing companies when you’re taking a greater look. All of these organizations are just designing logos, but not their products.
V2 Cigs chain of provide is truly the most vertically integrated in the complete industry, all from their engineering and also product design teams, to their quality control and also logistics personnel, meaning that V2 Cigs staff is totally considering every big or tiny step of their manufacturing process. V2 STARTER KITS

V2 Cigs Express Kit
V2 Cigs Express Kit is the most affordable and the easiest rechargeable starter kit. It’s the very best e-cigarette starter kit for those that attempt V2 Cigs the first time. It includes a white and rechargeable V2 customary battery, a V2 Flavor Cartridge and also an convenient Express Charger. V2 Cigs Express Kit includes:
- 1 Standard V2 computerized White Battery Visit Site To Buy
- 1 V2 Flavor Cartridge
- 1 NEW Express Charger

V2 Economy Kit
If looking for the most affordable tactics to start, than the V2 Economy Kit is correct for you. This particular kit is designed for those who like to try an electronic cigarette starter kit for the first time or just for the occasional smoker, and has been up to date with the high quality V2 smart Charger!
The V2 Economy Starter Kit includes:
- 1 Standard V2 Automatic battery Visit Site To Buy
- 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
- 1 Wall Adapter, the NEW Smart Charger and V2 Manual

V2 Standard Kit
The Standard Kit includes all you ought to start enjoying your smoke-free life.
it’s one of V2 Cigs most affordable and popular electronic cigarette starter kits. This kit has been updated with their V2 Smart Charger which contains a classy internal chip that charges your battery twice as fast!
The V2 Standard Starter Kit includes:
- 1 V2 Automatic Battery and 1 Manual Battery Visit Site To Buy
- 10 V2 Flavor Catridges
- 1 Wall Adapter, 1 NEW Smart Charger and V2 Manual

V2 Couples Kit
The V2 Couples Kit is actual the proper solution for couples. They doubled the V2 Standard Kit and sweetened it with a low price. It’s the correct option if you want to share your V2 experience with someone. This Kit has the V2 Smart Charger, and a complicated internal chip. The V2 Couples Starter Kit includes:
- 4 V2 Batteries Visit Site To Buy
- 20 V2 Flavor Catridges
- 2 Wall Adapter, 2 NEW Smart Charger and 2 V2 Manual

V2 Traveler Kit
The V2 Traveler Kit is the finest starter kit for smokers on the go! It has very nearly the entirety you need for your office, your car and even for those times when you don’t have access to electricity.

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