Safe cig Review

  1. July 10, 2018 5:09 pm

Safe Cig leaves users in sorry state; V2 Cigs comes to the rescue
  THE SAFE CIG® customers, you’re not high and dry!

Safe Cig clients were recently left in the lurch whilst the Safe Cig website went down for as yet unknown reasons. trade traditional bearer V2 Cigs has stepped in, however, to help former Safe Cig customers continue to enjoy the advantages of electronic cigarettes. Now as a result of February 28, 2013, V2 Cigs is offering a free Safe-Cig-to-V2 adapter to all customers who order any V2 Cigs flavor cartridges. The adapter will make all V2 Cigs flavor cartridges compatible with Safe Cig batteries. Any V2 Cigs flavor cartridge order will trigger a Combo Deal pop-up menu. be sure that to select the Safe-Cig-to-V2 adapter combo deal for no extra cost. The combo deal will be available whilst supplies last.


The Safe Cig is available in the most minimalistic clean looking packaging of any electronic cigarette I’ve used.
Seriously, it couldn’t be any classier if it was wearing a upper hat and a monocle. The Safe Cig even comes shrink wrapped straight from the manufacturer, which sets them apart in regard to high quality manage and professionalism.

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