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  1. August 19, 2018 11:47 am

Safe Cig leaves shoppers in sorry state; V2 Cigs comes to the rescue
  THE SAFE CIG® customers, you’re not high and dry!

Safe Cig customers were not too long ago left in the lurch while the Safe Cig webpage went down for as yet unknown reasons. Industry normal bearer V2 Cigs has stepped in, however, to aid former Safe Cig customers preserve to enjoy the reward of electronic cigarettes. Now through February 28, 2013, V2 Cigs is imparting a free Safe-Cig-to-V2 adapter to all customers who order any V2 Cigs flavor cartridges. The adapter will make all V2 Cigs flavor cartridges well matched with Safe Cig batteries. Any V2 Cigs flavor cartridge order will trigger a Combo Deal pop-up menu. make sure to select the Safe-Cig-to-V2 adapter combo deal for no extra cost.
The combo deal will be available while materials last.


The Safe Cig comes in the most minimalistic clean searching packaging of any electronic cigarette I’ve used. Seriously, it couldn’t be any classier if it have been wearing a higher hat and a monocle. The Safe Cig even comes decrease wrapped straight from the manufacturer, which sets them aside in regard to quality manage and professionalism. another factor that sets them except the competition is how in tune they are with the first time e-cig user, as they even include a “Start Here” marketing consultant as opposed to the owner’s manual because the first thing you spot if you open the box. It gets right down to the business of giving the user an effortlessly digestable way to realize what’s included in their kit and find out how to use it. Battery/Responsiveness 
The common battery used by The Safe Cig is the most responsive automated e-cig battery I’ve tried. The first drag is a perfect drag, whereas many comparable brands require 1 or more “priming” drags earlier than they’re prepared to fire up. the standard batteries are branded just like all their accessories, and contains the faux rings as well as orange cartomizers with little flecks to search more like a cigarette than some cigarettes do. Just like most e-cig batteries, a 4-6 hour life is to be expected. However, when it works in addition this one does it can indeed feel like longer. Vapor/Flavor(s)
The vapor produced by The Safe Cig’s cartomizer is as good as you’re likely to find in any e-cig. part of the reason for this is on account of the relationship between the extended connector on thier cartomizer and the advanced programming and responsiveness of their batteries.

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